Request for samples of Pushcap

Dear customer,

We appreciate your interest for our products. Tanks a lot for stopping by at our Interpack booth.
In order to consult you best and handle your project most efficient, we would like to receive some information before we send samples out.

Therefore we ask you to fill in below information:

  • 1. About your company

  • Are you a water/beverage company?
  • If not you are ?: ( please describe )
  • Your main products for the major turnover are? (please describe )
  • 2. What project you have in mind with Pushcap : ? (please describe)

  • 3. What bottle size you have in mind ? (ml content )

  • 4. What bottle neck size you have in mind ?

  • 5. Any plans to sell Pushcap not on a bottle? Please describe:

  • 6. Capsize you need:

  • 28mm
  • 7. What powder mix/formulations you intend to fill into the closure; ( please describe ) – see product list of Bevaswiss Ltd

  • 8. Into what Market segment should the filled Pushcap go; (i.e. adults – senior- children ) please describe:

  • 9. What are your predicted start volumes? – what in year 3 and 5

  • 3 years
    5 Years
  • What is your approx. timeline:

  • Planned project start date
    Planned market launchdate

Costs and shipping of samples:

Costs for each cap size we have a standard samples packs with 25 caps The costs are flat € 250.- for each cap size incl. shipping.

In case you later place an order, this amount is refunded with the first invoice. The sample packs are shipped as soon as your payment has arrived

Our bank account:

Credit Suisse, Zürich
account Belcap AG

Nr : 993673-92-1 IBAN; CH34 0483 5099 3673 9200 1

If you need help on the above information, please feel free to contact us via mail