Top value adding Nutraceutical, Vitamins and supplements, essential formulations. Our brands

  • Cardio Impuls Cardiovascular Health
  • Brain Impuls Brain /Mental health/Memory booster (anti Alzheimer)
  • Pronto flow Thrombosis prevention
  • Energy Impuls Daily support to increase low energy
  • Gym Impuls Sports/ fitness / workout complex to support muscle growth
  • Vision Impuls Eye care/health – nutrients
  • Mood Impuls Mood enhancer - emotional wellbeing complex
  • Skin Imuls skin/hair/nail rejuvenation
  • Bone Impuls Bone health; Menopause/osteoporosis/joint support
  • Weight Impuls weight management supplements
  • Immune Impuls Immune system booster
  • Detox Impuls detox and Antioxidants formula


Diabetes defender formula Essentials for pregnant women Digestive aid probiotics/enzymes complex

  • a) adults
  • b) children

Custom made formulations as per customer requirement